Diversity & Inclusion Certification for HR & DEI Professionals


Analyze, Track, & Improve Diversity & Inclusion in Your Workplace We’re happy to announce we’ve partnered with HRPA to create a new Diversity & Inclusion certification course. If you’re an HR or DEI professional, this course is perfect for gaining confidence and expertise on analyzing, tracking, and improving the state of D&I in your workplaces, as well as incorporating D&I best practices into your core HR/DEI programs.... Read more »

How to build a better experience for your employees

Improve your HR processes and enhance employee engagement: In this webinar, you will learn how technology can automate recurring HR processes, reduce manual tasks, save time, and decrease costs. HR Automation will enable your HR team to focus on more value-added tasks and ensure better business partnering by the HR Department. Topics of discussion: What... Read more »