BDO is truly global accountancy and business advisory firm operating in 167 countries with 74,000 staff generating 10 billion USD by serving clients of all sizes including some of the largest and most complex multi-nationals. 

Payroll is a key discipline with 5,000 BDO in-country specialists ensuring millions of our clients’ employees are paid on time, every month along with the confidence that  tax and benefits have been calculated with similar precision.  If you would like an introduction to the BDO payroll Partner in a specific country please email ashley.carter@bdo.co.uk

BDO’s award winning global payroll service harnesses this local expertise and underpins it with a sophisticated global platform that has evolved to accommodate clients of every size and complexity.  The global coordination team, of over 100 payroll/project management specialists, has a passion for delivering a consistently exceptional global payroll service.  They know that 100% first time pass rates are not an idealised target but something we should be demanding and achieving across every jurisdiction, every month. If you would like to discuss a consistently exceptional BDO global payroll service please email ashley.carter@bdo.co.uk

Multinationals are often looking for a single global partner that can deliver:
• Visibility of all in-country operations
• Controls that meet the most exacting standards
• Integration, automated validation and secure data exchange with HR/Finance systems
• Sophisticated reporting across a global data set
• Complementary advisory services.

By partnering with BDO, you can be sure of satisfying all these expectations with a consistently exceptional global payroll service:
• BDO payroll specialists in 167 countries
• Sophisticated global payroll technology platform
• World class independently audited ISAE3402-SOC2 controls
• Global coordination teams proactively managing each payroll
• Single contract to eradicate the risks and burdens of local contracting.

As a full service accounting firm, BDO offers “So Much More than Global Payroll”.  Our clients benefit from our expertise in the wide variety of services and advice you’ll need as employers and employing entities with extensive compliance and accounting obligations, including expat tax and global employer services, personal and corporate tax, legal advisory and many more. If you would like to discuss one or all of these complementary services please email ashley.carter@bdo.co.uk. I look forward to speaking with you.

Ashley Carter  Head of Global Payroll Services

+44(0)787 257 6624

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