An all in one solution to engage, develop and retain female talent.

Developed through research with women in industry, Cajigo provides Employers with a new approach in developing the skills of their female workforce.

We help companies maximise the potential of their female talent, through a blended learning solution that keeps employees motivated, engaged and driven.

Cajigo Workplace

We support companies of any size to improve diversity in the workplace. We work closely with employers to provide a bespoke programme that will ultimately drive performance.

Cajigo, provides employees with a great experience and develops talent to be ambitious and driven. Our learning and development tool and workshops can be used as part of the onboarding process or to support the growth of female employees through the organisation. Whichever route is taken, our solution empowers women to reach their highest potential. In a post Covid digital world, businesses will have to start thinking differently. Companies that focus on recruiting diverse talent must think about retaining the talent they worked so hard to find. Whether your teams are in the office, distributed or remote we can accommodate a solution where your teams will feel valued in an environment where they belong.

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