Developed from a foundation of psychology, social analytics and brain science, Emergenetics provides contemporary tools and high energy, tailored people development to drive individual, team and organisational performance.

Emergenetics is dedicated to realising the potential of people in organisations. We are experts in the way individuals think, behave and communicate. We aim to empower human connection and performance by applying our knowledge to how people work and grow.
Whatever your challenges and objectives, we will work closely with you to identify the most effective solution for your needs. Our range of tools, programmes and services are all focused on the same outcome – driving performance.

Emergenetics Profile

Developed through years of psychometric research, the Emergenetics Profile uniquely measures how people think and behave. With this knowledge, individuals and teams can develop strategies to improve communication, productivity and performance.

The Emergenetics Profile accurately measures three behavioural attributes (Expressiveness, Assertiveness, Flexibility) and four thinking attributes (Analytical, Structural, Social, Conceptual). The attributes are represented in a clear, colour-coded report, making it memorable and immediately applicable.

Digital and Mobile Learning

The Emergenetics+ portal and innovative mobile app provide opportunities for blended learning and support participants to embed knowledge and practically apply it in the workplace.

The mobile app extends the Profile experience into an interactive digital environment. It enables you to connect with others and compare Profiles for real-time interaction tips unique to you and your connections. It also includes a wealth of practical tools and communication advice to use in various situations, such as giving feedback, leading a remote team and managing stress.

Team Workshops

Our approach to thinking and behaviour is integrated at every step of our workshops, providing a dynamic and interactive learning experience. Our signature ‘Meeting of the Minds’ workshop for teams, reveals individual and collective strengths, provides practical ways for teams to work together more effectively and supports strong workplace cultures.

Why Emergenetics?

  • Increases self-awareness and supports individuals to develop greater awareness of others
  • Enhances communication and collaboration
  • Recognises, celebrates and utilises individual and collective strengths
  • Promotes stronger, high-performance teams
  • Creates a positive common language
  • Is easy to integrate and apply in day-to-day life and work
  • Improves outcomes using the power of cognitive diversity
  • Enables organisations to build a diverse and collaborative workforce
  • Effects positive and long term behavioural change in individuals, teams and organisations

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