Landed Hiring Software, an all in one recruitment marketing & applicant tracking system for HR teams seeking a solution to manage the entire recruitment process from attraction to hire.

Recruitment funnels make hiring easy. Attract, engage, screen & select the best applicants most suited to your company with selection funnels built by you. Set killer questions to instantly eliminate unsuitable applicants. Assess skills and knowledge with score based assessments.

The popularity of video interview is on the rise with the continuing COVID:19 pandemic, with LANDED video interview comes as a standard built in feature, and since May 2020 we have seen a steady rise in the number of our existing and new clients using LANDED video interview to safely and securely screen the best applicants & only invite the strongest to face-to-face interview. Some clients have for now suspended face to face interview and rely 100% on LANDED video interview for their hiring decisions.

At LANDED we understand the process in-house recruitment teams must adhere to and appreciate the volume of ‘admin’ you need to complete when hiring talent, because we have lived out. Built by in-house recruiters for in-house recruiter we aim to make your day to day job easier.

If you deal with volume applications and need to streamline your recruitment process you need LANDED.

Landed Hiring Software has transformed the recruitment process for all our clients, from those who have moved to online recruiting for the first time and others who have switched from more traditional applicant tracking systems to LANDED.

LANDED enables employers to build interactive, branded applicant journeys that will delight and engage applicants from the moment they click apply now.

Make faster, more informed hiring decisions with LANDED Hiring Software.

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