PUNCH is for mid-sized businesses everywhere. 

Progressive mid-sized businesses want & need to attract, retain and develop the best talent in their market.  They need solid foundations for compliance and payroll too.  PUNCH is therefore a comprehensive Cloud Platform from iXerv that empowers Business leaders, Managers, Employees and HR professionals to succeed. 

  • Start with a single ‘module’ or take a more strategic view 
  • Talent & engagement with or without replacing your Core HR & Payroll system of record 
  • Designed for use on Smart Phones, Tablets or Laptops to maximise use and engagement 
  • Comprehensive functionality with starter packs to accelerate set up, deployment and ROI 
  • A modern ‘Open Platform’ that allows both iXerv modules and 3rd Party software to work seamlessly 
  • Full support to make the most of the investment 
  • All wrapped up into a simple per employee per month fee 

We’re committed to understand what’s really needed and help our Customers get there fast.  And to that end we start right there.  We invest our time to understand your Aspirations, your Challenges and what is best tackled in what order. 

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