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When There’s No Playbook, Change The Game.

As the trending joke goes, it’s not the CTO or the CEO, but COVID-19 that has led to digital transformation in most companies around the world in 2020. Indeed, before the crisis broke, less than half of all companies even had a remote work program. Today, institutions and industries where #WFH was, at best, a… Read more »

Incentive Delayed Is Incentive Denied

Still wondering why Varun ‘Sales-Ninja’ Singh ko gussa kyon aata hai?  Your client wanted it YESTERDAY. Your customer needs it NOW! What makes you think your reps, channel agents and vendors will be ecstatic about an incentive package that will materialize only “After 30 days, and kindly adjust for some delays”? Delayed gratification isn’t just… Read more »

What Are the Most Important Values When Hiring New Talent?

Hiring New Talent - Featured Image

At BeTalent, we often recommend to our clients that the first and most critical step when assessing talent is to assess the ‘cultural fit’ of the individual and the organisation. We need make sure that the individual and the organisation have the same values in common when trying to improve the probability of success in… Read more »