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The future of our working environment

The pandemic has caused a huge shift in the way we work but what will it mean for the future of our working environment? The Chancellor of the Exchequer, Rishi… Read more »


As the aftershocks of COVID-19 continue, employers are laser-focused on safety for their employees. That means postponing or cancelling business travel, working remotely, or keeping employees on-site apart to ensure their safety…. Read more »

What is Organizational Network Analysis (ONA)?

What is Organizational Network Analysis (ONA) and How Can it Benefit My Business? The world of work has drastically shifted over the past eight months, necessitating a greater level of… Read more »

Leadership in the age of Coronavirus

Do business leaders need to treat employees differently as the remote working age comes to life? This article explores the dynamics leaders may need to tackle in the new normal… Read more »

What is People Analytics?

People analytics is a data-driven methodology of gathering, analyzing, and applying data from people processes, roles, functions, and tasks within a workplace to optimize performance and the overall employee experience. Identified as one… Read more »