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2021 global HR trends: Reimagining workforce strategies

After a year like 2020—which forced leaders around the world to instantly adjust priorities and adapt to new ways of working—attempting to predict the future of global HR through trends may seem futile. But after talking with several global HR… Read more »

Making Payroll the Spark in Your HR Strategy

In this informative webinar, Katie Wilkie-McKenna (Product Owner, HR Framework) and Claire Middleton (Product Owner, Payroll Solutions) of SD Worx explain just why payroll is central to HR strategy, and how payroll data can be used to drive HR gains.

Understanding Legislative Impacts in Italy During COVID-19

What are the global Payroll implications of the COVID-19 crisis? This is Post 6 of a series by Global Managed Payroll specialists Safeguard Global. This post looks at the payroll-related legislative implications of the Coronavirus crisis in Italy.