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How can Leaders Create Psychological Safety?

Leaders can make or break a team. For people and teams to perform at their best they need to feel psychologically safe. “Psychological safety is a belief that one will not be punished or humiliated for speaking up with ideas, questions, concerns or mistakes”. Amy Edmondson, Harvard Business School Professor. In a psychologically safe work… Read more »

Leadership in the age of Coronavirus

Do business leaders need to treat employees differently as the remote working age comes to life? This article explores the dynamics leaders may need to tackle in the new normal and concludes with an action plan for HR to lead out of the crisis. As the world recoiled from coronavirus and people retreated from their… Read more »

Seven Tips for Becoming More Inspirational

Seven Inspirational Tips - Featured Image

Many of us aspire to being Inspirational and to having presence. Indeed, over 60% of leaders believe they are an inspiration to others at work.  However, at BeTalent, we believe only 10% of the leaders we have known to be truly inspirational. We therefore see something great in ourselves that we just do not see… Read more »