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From Great EX To Great CX – Employee Satisfaction Leads to Customer Satisfaction

Increasingly, HR practitioners are keen on the circular relationship between employee experience, employee satisfaction, customer experience and brand loyalty.  Renowned as the promoter flywheel,  this relationship shows how a satisfied employee and a satisfied client are two sides of the same coin. In other words, delight your staff with experiences that enhance their employee engagement, to create satisfied customers,… Read more »

Where Should Talent Professionals Invest?

Investing Time - Featured Image

Given the uncertainty and complexity of the world we are working in currently, at BeTalent we have been reflecting on how we might start to create increased levels of certainty about where talent professionals should be investing their time in order to maximise returns for their organisations. Clients ask us about many topic, of course,… Read more »

What is the Alternative to Performance Management?

Performance Management - Featured Image

With many organisations moving away from rating based performance management systems, why are they making this move and what are the alternatives? From our research at BeTalent we believe there are at least 5 reasons why the Performance Management style of measuring and monitoring talent isn’t working. Misassumption  1: “You reach high performance by developing… Read more »