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Dealing With The Pandemic – Key Considerations for Payroll Continuity

As the Coronavirus pandemic continues to spread country by country, global businesses are facing testing times in the most literal sense. COVID-19 has pushed the practice of business continuity to its limits, stretching the recovery plans of organizations big and small to new levels. It’s the biggest test of Business Continuity Planning (BCP) that most,… Read more »

7 Qualities Of An Effective Global Payroll Leader

As organizations continue to navigate their way through the COVID-19 crisis, leadership qualities across the business are being put well and truly under the spotlight. That’s true in the global payroll department as much as any, with payroll leaders having to stand up and be counted to ensure employees around the world get their paychecks on time… Read more »

Payday Podcast Special: Diversity in the Modern Payroll and HR World

Diversity is now more widely recognised as an asset to modern businesses. Our complex, interconnected world has been shaped by globalization and technology, which means we are increasingly working alongside people from many different backgrounds and cultures. Successful diversity enables greater participation and collaboration between different groups to foster innovation, creativity and to get behind… Read more »

When Is It A Good Idea To Outsource Your Payroll Function?

When is it a good idea to outsource your payroll function? When it is a non-core function of your company. A non-core function is not a profit-making function, though it may be necessary for your business. In most businesses, administrative activities such as the payroll function are non-core functions and as such, have the potential to be… Read more »

Creating a COVID-19 return to work plan

The return to work is top-of-mind for many organisations and employees across the world as government shutdown restrictions slowly lift. However, the transition back to the workplace may not be a simple one. Organisations will need to prepare for the various complexities associated with this transitional period and ensure they are addressing the needs of… Read more »

Moving Your Payroll To The Cloud? Then Do It Now.

Since the emergence of the Coronavirus pandemic, the last few weeks have demonstrated the benefits of the ‘cloud’ when it comes to working remotely and our newfound digital revolution. However, it has also emerged that payroll may be one of those business processes that have remained bottom of the digital ‘to do’ list… until now…. Read more »

From Great EX To Great CX – Employee Satisfaction Leads to Customer Satisfaction

Increasingly, HR practitioners are keen on the circular relationship between employee experience, employee satisfaction, customer experience and brand loyalty.  Renowned as the promoter flywheel,  this relationship shows how a satisfied employee and a satisfied client are two sides of the same coin. In other words, delight your staff with experiences that enhance their employee engagement, to create satisfied customers,… Read more »

Incentive Delayed Is Incentive Denied

Still wondering why Varun ‘Sales-Ninja’ Singh ko gussa kyon aata hai?  Your client wanted it YESTERDAY. Your customer needs it NOW! What makes you think your reps, channel agents and vendors will be ecstatic about an incentive package that will materialize only “After 30 days, and kindly adjust for some delays”? Delayed gratification isn’t just… Read more »