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How can Leaders Create Psychological Safety?

Leaders can make or break a team. For people and teams to perform at their best they need to feel psychologically safe. “Psychological safety is a belief that one will not be punished or humiliated for speaking up with ideas, questions, concerns or mistakes”. Amy Edmondson, Harvard Business School Professor. In a psychologically safe work… Read more »

The Employee Energy Emergency

Do you feel the employee energy drain? Many of us are experiencing some type of mental fatigue as a consequence of lockdown. The Energy Drain As the COVID-19 lockdown restrictions continue to lift, some are now enjoying the new freedoms of visiting friends and family they’ve only seen on video calls for the past few months…. Read more »

How HR can prepare the office for the post-COVID return

Were you thrilled to start working from home? As the economy begins reopening after COVID-19 mandatory shutdowns, HR leaders, managers, and employees face uncertainty on how to safely return to the workplace. In this new normal, the top priority must remain the health of all team members. Coming back to work can be stressful but,… Read more »

Creating a COVID-19 return to work plan

The return to work is top-of-mind for many organisations and employees across the world as government shutdown restrictions slowly lift. However, the transition back to the workplace may not be a simple one. Organisations will need to prepare for the various complexities associated with this transitional period and ensure they are addressing the needs of… Read more »

From Great EX To Great CX – Employee Satisfaction Leads to Customer Satisfaction

Increasingly, HR practitioners are keen on the circular relationship between employee experience, employee satisfaction, customer experience and brand loyalty.  Renowned as the promoter flywheel,  this relationship shows how a satisfied employee and a satisfied client are two sides of the same coin. In other words, delight your staff with experiences that enhance their employee engagement, to create satisfied customers,… Read more »

Implementing Wellbeing Strategies in Your Business

Image for blog post by Eppione HR on implementing wellbeing strategies in the workplace.

This post by Eppione discusses the importance of wellbeing at work and the need to implement strategic, tangible and intentional wellbeing strategies in the workplace.